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Better Than all Natural  
Hormone Free. Pesticide Free. By-Product Free. All Natural.
Our chickens are always raised CAGE FREE with NO ANTIBIOTICS ever. They are NEVER GIVEN HORMONES OR ANIMAL BYPRODUCTS of any kind. Our growers rely on natural probiotics to effectively prevent Salmonella in the chickens. All of this results in a product that is BETTER THAN "ALL NATURAL" chicken you might find elsewhere.

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  Place Your Order On Line!
      We are now accepting on-line orders. Click the order button at the top of this page to place your order or
click here to begin. If you are a new customer, please contact us first to ensure that we can deliver to your location.
  We are Radiation Free!
      It is becoming common practice in the meat industry to
      use radiation to kill ecoli. However, all of the chickens
      and cows that Fran's Fryers uses are radiation free!
      Another reason we are Better Than All Natural.

  How to Order
      We serve businesses and individuals that can meet our
      minimum order requirements. Call for information on
      minimums and delivery options. Due to minimum order
      requirements, many individuals prefer to order with a
      group of people called, a 'Co-op'.
  How to start a Co-op
      A co-op is a group of people that place orders together to meet minimum order requirements. Start a co-op by
      gathering a group of people who want to order with you. Deliveries will be made to one location of your choosing.
      You will need to have the facilities to
      receive the meat: a freezer, refrigerator, or coolers with blue ice or regular ice in them. This is absolutely necessary in
      warm weather for your protection as well as ours.

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